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Did you eat too much Halloween candy?

Now that Halloween is over, most people probably have tons of Halloween candy around the house. I don't get a lot of trick-or-treaters and I knew I wouldn't be home, so I didn't buy any candy to hand out this year. I did buy some for myself a couple days ago though, haha. I ate what I wanted and gave the rest to my neighbor, so I wasn’t left with any leftover candy, which is good. I have definitely eaten way too much candy in previous years though.

We’ve all been there before. The candy is right in front of you, making it so hard to resist. And, you just keep telling yourself that you will only have one more piece, but you keep going back for more. Or, every time you walk past the candy, you mindlessly take another piece just because it is there. Before you know it, you have eaten 2-3 servings of candy. It’s not hard to do. And, it might taste good, but candy is empty calories, and the sugar is like poison to your body.

So, what happens when you eat sugar? When sugar is digested, it becomes glucose, which your body needs for energy. Specifically speaking about candy, it enters your bloodstream very quickly after your eat it. This causes the glucose levels in your body to rise very quickly. This is sometimes called a “sugar rush.” Because of the high level of sugar in your body, your body works hard to burn it up, which will cause the blood sugars to drop, causing a “crash” or that feeling towards the end of the work day when you become hungry or want some coffee just to keep yourself from falling asleep at your desk.

Some other reasons sugar is so bad for us are:

  • When excess sugars are consumed, any additional sugars will be stored as fat.

  • Sugar is very addictive, so when you eat even a small amount, you will crave more.

  • It can cause hypoglycemia, which happens when the pancreas secretes too much insulin in response to a large increase in blood sugars.

  • When the blood sugars aren’t controlled, it can affect your hormones.

  • It’s terrible for your teeth, and can lead to cavities.

  • It can lead to Candida overgrowth because it leads to reduction of good bacteria in the digestive tract and it feeds the bad bacteria. Candida releases toxins into the bloodstream, which causes chronic inflammation. This eventually can lead to diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Alzheimer’s, Pulmonary Disease, Arthritis, Autoimmune Disease and Neurological Disease.

So, sugar really is very toxic us, and has been compared to being as addictive as certain drugs, such as cocaine. I’m not saying that you need to completely avoid sugar. Just be aware of what it can do to your body. And, maybe you don’t regularly consume sugar, and just overindulged during Halloween. It is unlikely that you will gain much weight from it. You’d have to eat 3500 calories to gain 1 pound. You may just feel like you put a few pounds on (likely due to the inflammation that it causes), and it may have caused you to crave sugar a little more than usual. What can you do about that?

  1. Crowd out the bad. This means by adding in good foods like fruits and vegetables, you will eat less of the bad foods. Try to eat plenty of good fats and some protein as this will keep you full for longer.

  2. Try to keep your blood sugars balanced to keep yourself from craving sugar. You can do this by eating throughout the day. Try eating 3 meals and 2 snacks or 6 small meals.

  3. If you are craving something, exercise or go for a walk to keep your mind off of it. You may feel so good after exercising, that you won’t want to eat it anymore when you are done.

  4. Do a cleanse. A cleanse is one of the best ways to reduce the toxins in your body, increase your energy, and reduce your sugar cravings. I am currently offering a 14 day Eat Clean, Get Lean Fall Cleanse. Click here to read more about it. Now is the perfect time since Thanksgiving will be here in 23 days.

  5. When you have a sugar craving, try having something else instead like a piece of fruit, Kombucha tea, or make something sweet that has honey or stevia in it instead of sugar. For example, if you are craving something sweet, you can put honey in my Sunbutter, and have that as a snack. The sunbutter has some fat and protein in it, so it fills me up faster. It is best not to deprive yourself If you really are trying to quit sugar though, you will probably suffer with some initial withdrawal symptoms.

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