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How to avoid eating fast food when you're on the go and hungry

I hope you are doing well! I can't believe that it's already August! I feel like July never even happened! It's definitely been a busy summer. I'm looking forward to this weekend because I'm going to Milwaukee to see my friends and family. It should be a good and busy weekend, and I'm really hoping for a thunderstorm while I'm there since that is something we don't get too much of in San Diego. Since I will be traveling, I thought it'd be appropriate to discuss fast food. I am sure at one time or another we have all found ourselves on the drive thru line, starving, and craving some food that will provide a solution to that crazy grumbling sound in our stomachs. (I definitely have. I’ve even been so hungry that I’ve stopped in 7-Eleven to get one of those hot dogs that has probably been sitting there for days!) So, we go for something quick and fast. It also doesn’t help that each town has at least one to two or even more fast food restaurants to offer some quick yet unhealthy options for us. How do we avoid this? How can we avoid being that person who has lost all control for healthy determination when we are so hungry that we are to the point of being “hangry”? Well, it is much simpler than you’d think.

The real fast food, before corporations built these multi-million dollar unhealthy options for us, was good old-fashioned fruits and veggies. Fruits and veggies should always be the number one option, and they are sold everywhere we turn as well, although they don’t usually have a drive thru. So, if it is about convenience, then an easy solution is to prepare ahead of time. If we pack snacks and quick foods to go in our purse or brief case then we will always have a fast food option that aligns with having a healthy determination.

I suggest packing apples, bananas, oranges, and even some healthy homemade trail mix! Trail mix is a really easy and delicious snack if you're on the go. You can make your own with some nuts, raisins, and dried fruit like cranberries and put it in a little Ziploc bag. Some stores even sell it already in single serving bags. Even a healthy bar, such as a Kind Bar or Larabar, would be good to keep with you for when you are on the go! If you can't have nuts, Kind bar even has a new one that is made just from fruits and veggies. I bought a bunch of these when I went to Mexico a couple weeks ago in case I got hungry.

If you find yourself out and starving, but you realize that you forgot to bring a snack, and you have to stop at a fast food restaurant, try to at least pick a healthier option, and something that won’t leave you feeling bloated and tired 30 minutes after eating. My top 5 suggestions when eating at a fast food restaurant are:

  1. If you have the choice to get grilled or fried, grilled is the better choice.

  2. Most fast food restaurants have salads on their menus, so that would be a good option since you would be eating vegetables. As far as the dressing, a vinaigrette is better than any creamy dressing.

  3. Some fast food restaurants can wrap their burgers or sandwiches in lettuce, or you can always ask for them to do that or leave the bun off.

  4. Get water instead of soda or a milkshake.

  5. Don’t get the largest burger and fries that is on the menu.

As far as which fast food restaurant to choose, I recommend that you avoid any place that has a dollar menu. They are going to have the worst quality and most processed food, which is why they are able to sell it for so cheap. If you have time to go inside and get something to go, some restaurants that have better quality food are Chipotle, Jimmy John’s or Burger Lounge. If you really don’t have time to go inside, some better fast food options are In-N-Out Burger, Carls Jr./Hardees, or El Pollo Loco. Even Starbucks has some good food options!

Hopefully you will take my advice and start bringing a snack with you, but, if not, at least there are some better options if you have to stop somewhere to get some food!

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