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3 reasons why you may be struggling to lose weight

It's finally starting to feel like summer here. After a very cloudy weekend, the sun has been out all week so far, so I've been able to go outside to eat my lunch. I'm looking forward to this weekend because I'm going up to Temecula to go wine tasting and out to dinner for my friend's 30th birthday! Speaking of going out to eat, I have been going out to eat a lot recently, and have eaten a lot of stuff that I’m not used to eating/not really supposed to eat because of my food intolerances. (I ate a lot of stuff with cheese in it and frozen yogurt.) Now, I’m definitely feeling like I’ve gained a few pounds, but I know it is just my body’s way of reacting to eating foods that I’m intolerant to. It will come off pretty quick now that I’m eating normal again.

After gaining a lot of weight from eating foods not right for my body, I successfully lost 50 pounds and kept it off! I’m careful about what I eat now because I want to feel well and avoid gaining weight, but also because I want to be healthy. I do let myself have some of the things I’m not supposed to have every once in a while, although I can tell when I do because it makes me feel kind of sluggish, bloated, and really not feel well at all.

Many people wish to lose weight, but often have difficulty with it, and, at times, end up gaining some weight in the process. Here are 3 reasons why you may be struggling to lose weight and what you can do about it:

  1. You are eating too much of the wrong foods. When trying to lose weight, the first thing I would recommend is to change your diet. Many people can’t change their eating habits overnight, and often feel deprived if they have to eliminate certain foods that they are used to eating. So, rather than telling my clients to completely eliminate certain foods from their diet, I tell them to “crowd them out” by adding in more “good” foods. The foods I recommend eating less of are caffeine, sugar, processed foods, wheat, gluten, dairy that’s not cultured, cheese, nitrates, alcohol, fried foods, and preservatives. I recommend eating more greens, smoothies, green juices, lemon and lime, grapefruit, other foods with a lot of nutrients, clean sources of protein, low glycemic carbs, stevia or raw honey,superfoods, and coconut oil.

  2. Your blood sugars aren’t balanced.This is very important because it keeps you from crashing and craving sugary treats, and it will give you more energy. You can do this by eating low glycemic foods, eating 6 small meals or 3 meals and 2 mini snacks every day, and starting each day with a balanced breakfast within one hour of waking up. Also, avoiding large quantities of sugar at once is important.

  3. You have a build up of toxins in your body. There is added sugar, highly processed ingredients, GMO’s, toxic metals, pesticides and other substances found in our food supply that cause inflammation, which eventually can lead to weight gain and disease. You can eliminate the toxins you are exposed to by eating clean. This means choosing organic fruits and vegetables, organic, pasture raised eggs and chicken, organic, grass fed beef and dairy, and wild caught fish. Also, try to avoid as many of the foods that I recommend eating less of (listed above in #1). Since we live in a very toxic world, and it is impossible to avoid all toxins, I also recommend doing a whole foods detox quarterly to help eliminate built up toxins.

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