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Do this to feel cleaner, lighter, more focused, and to balance your mood

I hope you had a great weekend and your week is off to a good start. My weekend was fun. It was really nice out so I laid out both days, and was able to go to my friends pool on Sunday. So, I'm sure you're wondering what you can do to feel cleaner, lighter, more focused, and to balance your mood.The answer is...a detox! According to Chinese Medicine, the spring is about renewal, new life, and expansive energy. The organs associated with spring are the liver and the gallbladder. These organs work together to support a strong immune system, balanced moods, and healthy digestion. The liver is responsible for filtering and neutralizing harmful substances in your body, and it has over 500 metabolic jobs, which it can't perform optimally if there are too many toxins in the body. The gallbladder is important because it stores the bile that is produced in the liver. A toxic and overburdened liver leads to impaired release of bile from the gallbladder, which affects the breakdown of fats and overall digestion. Detoxing in the spring will then leave you feeling cleaner, lighter, and more focused. In regards to balancing your mood, Chinese medicine holds that each organ is associated with an emotion.The emotion associated with the liver is anger, and resentment is linked to the gallbladder.If you have found yourself feeling irritated or angry, doing a detox during the spring should help you release those blocked emotions and find a sense of peace. Who should do a detox? Because we live in such a toxic world and are exposed to tons of toxins, not only in the food that we eat, but also in the environment, cleaning products, and cosmetics. Not to mention what stress does to our bodies. Our bodies detox naturally, but haven't evolved fast enough to keep up with the toxic load in our world today. When the body's natural detox system's reach their limit, we begin experiencing symptoms of over toxicity such as:

  • Fatigue

  • Foods allergies or intolerances

  • Skin problems

  • Weight gain or inability to gain weight

  • IBS, constipation, or irregular bowel movements

  • Hampered immunity

  • Headaches or other pains

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Depression, anxiety,or constant mood swings

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Sugar cravings

If you suffer from any of the above, this is a great time to hit your body’s reset button by detoxing. Even if you aren’t experiencing any symptoms, it is recommended that everyone detox seasonally to give the body’s detox organs a break. A detox doesn't have to be hard either. You don't have to live on juice or shakes for days, and you don't have to feel deprived. You can do a detox that is based on clean, whole foods, such as my 14 Day Sugar Detox. You can learn more about it by clicking here. It is available for purchase now if you'd like to do it by yourself, but I will be offering a group detox later in May.

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