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Which diet plan will give you the greatest results?

I hope you had a great weekend and your week is off to a great start! I had a low key weekend since I am doing a 3 week cleanse and just started a boot camp. I was feeling really tired and had some stuff I wanted to get done, so just took it easy. Those weekends are nice sometimes. Have you tried any of the "fad" diets over the years? I can tell you that I have personally tried many of them. I remember the first one that I probably tried was when my mom went on the Cabbage Soup Diet. I think I was about 9 years old. I don't know what 9 year old goes on a diet, but I apparently wanted to do the Cabbage Soup Diet with my mom. I didn't follow it completely since I was at school during the day and wasn't going to bring cabbage soup to school, but I ate it for dinner. After that, I tried so many different ones...The Grapefruit Diet, The South Beach Diet, counting Weight Watchers points, various diets out of Fitness and Health magazines, some Denise Austin diets, and many, many more that I don't remember the name of. It wasn't until years ago when I was reading French Women Don't Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano and The French Don't Diet Plan by Dr. William Clower, that I realized that it's about eating clean foods and many of the "fad diets" relied on eating "fake" foods such as fat free products, sugar free products, 50 calorie bread that tastes like cardboard, and other fat free, sugar free, calorie free concoctions that were created in a lab to provide fat free, sugar free, calorie free foods for people looking to lose weight, but, in reality, these "foods" are made out of toxic chemicals that are much worse for our bodies. Many of the ingredients cause inflammation in our bodies, which makes it much more difficult to lose weight, have energy, and get the health results that we are looking for. I started eating clean, whole foods after this. But, I still wasn't able to get the results that I was looking for. It wasn't until I started eliminating certain foods and discovered which foods were causing me to not feel so good (poor energy, weight gain, digestive problems, poor sleep, broken out skin, brain fog, etc.). So, when I ask which diet plan will give you the greatest results...the answer isn't the same for everyone. My answer is when you eat CLEAN FOODS that are right for YOUR body. How do you discover which foods are right for your body? You can spend money and get blood tests done, or you can do an elimination diet of some sort, very similar to the one that I offer for my seasonal cleanses (which you can read more about here) and in the first two weeks of my 8 Week Get Your Body Back Challenge. You can read more about that program by clicking here. An elimination diet is a great way to learn a lot about your body and possibly discover symptoms that you are having that you didn't even realize you were having, and these symptoms could be holding you back from losing weight, having energy, and living the life that you want to live. If you are interested in learning how to eat clean foods that are right for you body and finally reaching your health goals, I'd like to invite you to check out my 8 Week Get Your Body Back Challenge by clicking here. The first two weeks will help you figure out which foods are not good for you and may be preventing you from reaching your goals. The following 6 weeks are focused on making lifestyle changes so you can feel great all of the time and reach your health goals, whatever they may be. The group program starts on April 9, 2017 and if you sign up by April 3, 2017, you can save $50 with code GYBBEB..

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