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Eat this every day for increased energy, weight loss, and better digestion

I hope you are doing well! Are you excited for St. Patrick's Day? I am! I'm 25% Irish, and it's always been one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. It doesn't seem to be as big of a celebration in California as it was in Wisconsin, but there is still a lot of fun things going on, and I'm sure I'll end up doing something fun. I plan to start a 21 day boot camp program after this weekend to try and increase my fitness and get in better shape for the summer, which also means eating really clean and no alcohol, so St. Patty's Day will be one last celebration for a while. So, I bet you're wondering what you can eat every day to increase your energy, weight loss, and for better digestion. It's a smoothie! I've been drinking smoothies every day for breakfast for a few years now, and it really helps me start my day right. I used to feel weighed down after eating a "standard American breakfast", but smoothies are so light and filled with fruit and vegetables. It's also nice to be able to get some fruits and vegetables in right at the start of my day.

So why are smoothies so good for you?

  • They're full of vitamins, enzymes, and minerals, which means more energy.

  • They're easy to digest, which means optimal assimilation of nutrients.

  • They're great for stabilizing blood sugar, which helps with weight loss and energy.

  • They're a fabulous way to consume a variety of different fruits or vegetables at one time.

  • Terrific for cleansing the body of toxicity, which also helps with weight loss, energy, and digestion.

  • They're an easy way to add more fiber to your diet, which will also help with digestion, weight loss, and energy.

So, as you can see, they offer plenty of benefits, which can provide you with increased energy, weight loss, and better digestion. Other benefits are clearer skin, clearer thinking,and many more. The good news is you can start to see these benefits just by incorporating one smoothie per day! And, I'm talking about real smoothies with real ingredients - not the ones that you can get at most commercial smoothie shops, which are packed with extra sugar and artificial ingredients. I am holding a FREE 7 Day Smoothie Challenge where I will be sharing 17 of my favorite smoothie recipes with you. I shared one with you last week, so if you liked that one, you won't want to miss the rest of them. The challenge is just to incorporate ONE smoothie per day for 7 days...that's all! The challenge begins on March 26, 2017. Even if you will be busy or out of town and not able to join the group, you can still sign up and get the recipes and do the challenge on your own. So, if you're ready for increased energy, weight loss, and better digestion, click here to sign up for the 7 Day Smoothie Challenge today!!!

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