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February 8, 2017

I am really looking forward to this weekend because I am hoping to go visit my friends and family in Milwaukee!  It will be a short trip, but I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone and getting away for a couple days!

Today, I just wanted to share some easy and delicious meal ideas. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have already seen these. I never have been a huge fan of salads, especially ones that I make, but I feel really good when I do make them, so have really been trying to eat a variety of different salads lately.  They are all quick to make and most of them you can meal prep and make for the whole week.



Turkey Taco Salad
1 pound ground turkey
ground cumin
chili powder
smoked paprika
cayenne pepper
lime juice
ketchup (or tomato paste)
black olives
cherry tomatoes
mixed greens



Cook the ground turkey in the olive oil and season with ground cumin, smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, salt, and chili powder per your liking (I didn't really measure anything - just added seasoning until it tasted right.).  Add mixed greens, tomatoes, olives, and any other veggies that you like to a plate.  Top with turkey.  To make dressing mix mayo, a little bit of ketchup (or tomato paste), chili powder, and lime juice (for one serving, I used juice from 1/2 lime).  Again, I didn't measure the ingredients, but just mixed it so it was a little spicy. Top salad with dressing.




Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
romaine (or kale)
cherry tomatoes
dijon mustard
anchovy paste
red wine vinegar
Worcestershire sauce
chili powder
olive oil



Marinate chicken in olive oil, chili powder, and a little bit of salt. (You can add other seasonings, but this is what I used.)  Add romaine (or kale if you want a more nutrient dense meal), olives, and tomatoes to a bowl.  (You can also add other veggies, croutons, or cheese if you would like.) To make dressing mix mayo, a little bit of dijon mustard, anchovy paste, red wine vinegar, a little salt, and Worcestershire sauce.together.  I didn't measure the ingredients, but it should be creamy, so used more mayo and mustard.  You can also use steak or shrimp if you would prefer.  I have also taken this salad and put it in a gluten free wrap (or you could use a regular tortilla if you eat gluten), and that was delicious.

I hope you enjoy these!

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