My #1 tip to eating healthier during the holidays

As it gets closer, I'm really looking forward to Christmas, but I won't be going back to Wisconsin this year as I was hoping to. I do have a fun day planned with some of my friends though! I also got to go to a fun Christmas brunch party over the weekend! There was so much food there. Fortunately, for me, I wasn't able to eat a lot of it, so I didn't end up overeating! The holiday season is a very difficult time to try and eat clean and make good choices. There are always a lot of parties going on, extra snacks around the office, and most people are wearing warmer clothes so aren't necessarily thinking about wearing a swimsuit in the near future. Everything is about balance though, so we should let ourselves indulge in some of those treats, but there is a way to avoid overindulging. My #1 tip to avoid that is to plan ahead! If you are planning to go to a party that will have lots of treats and other unhealthy food, I suggest having a mini meal prior to going. Some suggestions are:

  • A healthy protein like turkey slices with avocado

  • Greek or non-dairy yogurt with nuts

  • A smoothie

  • A cup of soup

  • A healthy protein bar

  • Gluten-free crackers with hummus

  • Any protein and vegetables

If you know there are going to be tons of treats around the office, keep a healthy snack at your desk so you aren't as tempted. If you are making treats for your kids to bring to school, make just enough so there aren't any leftovers (or maybe make a couple extra). Also, a lot of parties will have alcohol. Mixing anything with club soda or mineral water will make it a much healthier choice and really cut down on the sugar! I even mix my wine with mineral water so it is like a wine spritzer. Then it is also a much bigger glass of wine too!

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