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Thanksgiving with food intolerances/allergies and Black Friday Special!

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is already tomorrow! Before we know it, Christmas will be here and then New Years! I just bought all of the food that I need to make the sides and dessert that I will be making for Thanksgiving this year. I'm glad that I went yesterday because I'd assume today will be even crazier. I couldn't even find a parking spot at Sprouts, so just decided not to go there, lol. Being intolerant to gluten, dairy, and many other foods has made Thanksgiving difficult for me at times. I rarely can eat what other people bring, so usually end up making my own versions or just different dishes that I enjoy to share with others. On one hand, it's good because then I know what's in what I'm eating and I can make it with ingredients that I like, but on the other hand, I end having to make A LOT of different stuff! Luckily, I don't mind cooking. What about you? Do you have any food intolerances that make it difficult for you to eat what others provide? Traditional Thanksgiving food usually includes green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry, stuffing, and a variety of pies - none of which I can eat with my food intolerances. I can still eat the turkey though, but the gravy isn't usually gluten free. This year, I will be making bacon wrapped sweet potatoes, an asparagus and bacon dish, dairy free mashed potatoes, gluten free gravy, a kale salad (because I think we need more greens!!), and a paleo, vegan pumpkin pie. If you are looking for different things to make and you are intolerant to certain foods, I would recommend just going to different websites to find recipes that are compliant with your restrictions. Pinterest is a really good site. You can type in different restrictions and there are a ton of recipes on there. Also, Diane Sanfilippo, The Paleo Mom, Against All Grain, and Brittany Angell all have great websites/cookbooks that have a lot of allergy friendly recipes. I found the pumpkin pie recipe that I will be making this year on the Paleo Mom's Instagram. Also, I used to subscribe to Gluten Free Living Magazine, and that is where I found the asparagus and bacon dish that I will be making. You can also just google whatever you are looking for as there are many people out there who have paleo or allergy friendly blogs, and they often will share their recipes for free! If you don't want to make something from scratch, a lot of stores are now carrying gluten free or dairy free options, so you just have to look around! After Thanksgiving, if you are feeling like you have put on a few pounds from all of the extra food and leftovers, I am offering both my 7 day (code: BF7FC50) and 14 cleanses (code: BF14FC50) at 50% off for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so the discount will be available through midnigh on Monday, November 28th. To read more about my fall cleanse or to sign up and get the discount, click here. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!

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