Surviving Thanksgiving

I am still going strong on my cleanse, and am feeling so much better and have so much more energy! I am going to continue to do my cleanse through the day before Thanksgiving, which will be a total of 2 weeks! Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week already?!! It seems like it was just Halloween! I am so excited for Thanksgiving! It's one of my favorite holidays here. My neighbors and some other friends all get together and do a potluck "friendsgiving". We cook, hang out, eat together, and watch football! A big concern that a lot of people have on Thanksgiving is that they are going to eat too much and gain weight. That isn't surprising as the average person will consume about 4500 calories on Thanksgiving! Although you may feel as if you put on a few pounds, it is very unlikely that you will actually gain too much weight just from the one day. You might initially have some water weight gain, but that should go away within a few days as long as you don't continue to eat the same as you did on Thanksgiving. It is always hard with the leftovers though. If you are feeling as if you gained a few pounds and want to reset your body, doing a post Thanksgiving cleanse can bring your body back to where it was before the holiday. You can check out my Eat Clean, Get Lean Fall Cleanse by clicking here. So, what can you do to avoid gaining weight on Thanksgiving?

  1. Instead of trying to "save" your calories for the big Thanksgiving binge, start your day off with a healthy breakfast. It will help balance your blood sugars starting from start of the day. When your blood sugar gets low, it tends to lead to cravings and you'll be more likely to overeat. Skipping breakfast will also make it more likely that you will be starving by the time you get wherever you are going, also making it more likely that you will overeat.

  2. Start your day with a good workout.There have been some studies that working out will actually decrease your hunger. Plus, depending on what type of workout you do, you may even have an afterburn, which will actually help burn some of the calories that you will be consuming later.

  3. Try to fill your plate up with healthier options first and smaller portions of the stuff that isn't quite as healthy. Also, try to limit your desserts and snacking beforehand.

  4. Whether you are having Thanksgiving or going somewhere, you could make a healthier dish to share with everyone. Some of the traditional Thanksgiving food tends to be more processed and made with some ingredients that aren't so healthy (fried onions, canned cream of mushroom soup, canned cranberry, etc.), so there are a ton of recipes available of different ways to make healthier versions of those foods. I always check on Pinterest or search for different paleo recipes. Diane Sanfilippo has some good recipes in her cookbook. I always have tried to make "cleaner" versions of some of the traditional foods, and they have always turned out really well!

These are just a few suggestions. Of course, don't deprive yourself! Thanksgiving only comes around once a year and we only get to eat some of these foods once per year, so you should enjoy them and not worry too much about gaining weight!

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