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How to have more energy throughout the day

I was hoping that the change in time would be good for me and would help me start over since I had been sleeping in a lot lately, but so far, it hasn't. I actually slept until 11am on Sunday! That would have been 12pm if we hadn't changed the time. I never sleep that late! Then I realized that lately it has been more difficult to get up in the morning. I also have been feeling really foggy all day - almost like I wasn't able to completely wake up. I've really been slow at getting anything done too and have been having cravings for foods I don't normally eat. Do you ever feel like this? I started to think of what I have been doing differently to try and figure out why I might be so tired. October was a pretty stressful month for me, and I realized that I have been eating a lot of stuff that I don't normally eat and I've been sleeping a lot later than normal every day as a result. I am really going to start to make sure that I am doing all of the right things so that I do have energy throughout the day. Speaking of that, what can you do to ensure that you have energy throughout the day?

  1. Get up as soon as your alarm goes off, or snooze it only one time. I am the worst at getting up in the morning, so I'm probably the last person who can recommend this to you, but I have noticed that when I snooze my alarm over and over again (which I have been known to do), that I tend to be more tired throughout the day. If I snooze it 1-2 times or get up right away, I am a lot more alert during the day. If you have difficulty with this, just tell yourself that you will be just as tired when your alarm goes off again in 10 minutes. This is something that i will be working on.

  2. Do a work out first thing in the morning. This is something that I have made a habit of doing. I do have to get up earlier when I have somewhere to be, but it really makes a difference at how I feel throughout the day. My body does not feel stiff, and I am so much more alert and ready to be productive.

  3. Start each day with a good breakfast. This will help balance your blood sugars right from the start of the day. You can read more about some ideas for breakfast by clicking here.

  4. Have a couple healthy snacks throughout the day to help keep your blood sugars balanced, eat a lighter lunch that won't weigh you down and make it difficult to stay awake during the rest of the day, and avoid sugar, which will also make it difficult to stay awake.

  5. Eat clean foods that are right for your body. If you eat foods that aren't right for your body, it is going to cause inflammation (which is the mistake that I made recently), which will cause all sorts of problems such as low energy, poor sleep, digestive problems, skin problems, weight gain, food cravings, foggy thinking, etc. It can even lead to chronic disease if it is a continuous thing. If you need any more help trying to figure out which foods are right for your body, check out my seasonal cleanses by clicking here, which are set up like an elimination diet so that you can figure out which foods you should try to avoid. I will be starting a cleanse soon to get myself back to feeling normal.

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