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It's not just about food and exercise

It has still been really nice out in San Diego, so I spent the day at the beach on Sunday, so it was nice to relax, and my dog, Charlotte, had a great time running around playing and swimming. I know I’ve been talking a lot lately about the 8 Week Get Your Body Back Challenge– and for good reason! This is your chance to finally invest in your health and learn how to eat what’s best for YOUR unique body. So, I just wanted to give you one more friendly reminder that the last day to sign up is on October 15th as the program starts on October 16th. You can read more about the program or sign up by clicking here. I Hope you’ll be joining me! Can’t wait to see the transformation you’ll make! Today I wanted to discuss how reaching your health goals isn't just about food and exercise. I'm sure that you've heard that what you put out into the universe, you'll get back. If you constantly think about all of the negative things going on in the world or you life, you're likely to be a negative person. On the other hand, if you try to be positive, you will be a much happier and positive person. Did you know that studies show that this one thing can make you 25% happier? It boosts your immunity to anger, disappointment, and frustration. It's even been shown to heal pain and illness in your body. It can certainly heal relationships, especially with your beautiful and miraculous body. That one thing is GRATITUDE, and amazing things happen when you integrate it into your meditation practice. Here's a fun exercise to try:

  1. As you sit down to meditate, breathe in deeply and imagine your heart filling up with glowing, green light. Allow this energy to pulse and radiate to light you from within. As you deepen into the glowing, green energy in the center of your chest, begin to give thanks for your life. Give thanks for anything that pops into your head. No filter, just give thanks for it and show it appreciation.

  2. Think about five things to be grateful for on this day. See these events as pictures. It may be the way your dog greets you or that nice person that let you have the parking space in the crowded lot. Just let the images flow in and notice the feelings they give. If an unwanted image pops in, let it pass like a random car on the road. If it is important, you can think about it later.

  3. Now, see the people behind the images you are grateful for and express thanks to each of them.

  4. Remind yourself that whatever you focus on expands. When you focus on gratitude and positivity, you will get more of that in return.

What you appreciate, appreciates. Be mindful that you will attract more abundance, love, and health by being grateful for your current state in these areas. Your body, your health, and your relationships can only be improved by honoring where they are in this moment.

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