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You won't believe the results you'll get...

Can you believe it's already October? This is one of my favorite months...not only because it's my birthday month, but I also love Halloween and watching scary movies. This weekend I think I am going to Octoberfest, which they have every year in my neighborhood, so that should be fun. Last week I discussed reaching your health goals. Today, I wanted to share with you three things that you can do that should help you reach your health goals. A lot of the time, making these 3 changes can have a huge impact on any health issue you are having whether it's digestive problems, difficulty losing weight, skin issues, feeling foggy, lack of energy, chronic headaches, etc. So here are my 3 recommendations:

  1. Follow a detox program, preferably whole foods (check out my Eat Clean, Get Lean Fall Cleanse by clicking here, which just launched), so you don't feel deprived. This will help clear out any built up toxins in your body and will improve your body's ability to remove toxins. This will make weight loss easier, and should help with any of the symptoms that you have been having.

  2. Figure out if there are any foods that you are intolerant to. When you eat foods that are not good for YOUR body, you are creating inflammation in your body making it difficult to lose weight. This will also cause these symptoms in your body. It is not normal to have those symptoms on a regular basis. When you remove those foods that you are intolerant to, you will be surprised at how good you actually feel. One of my favorite quotes from Kevin Trudeau is, "Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel."

  3. Eat clean. Eating clean, whole foods regularly and avoiding processed, crappy food is one of the keys to reaching your health goals and feeling great!

So what about you? Do you struggle to lose weight? Does your health impact the quality of your life? Do you feel tired, groggy, and foggy on a day-to-day basis? Would you like all that to stop? I get it. Not too long ago, I was in your shoes. I struggled with my weight and digestive problems. I had poor energy and could barely stay awake at my desk in the afternoon. After making these changes to my diet, I felt significantly better, lost the weight, and my digestive problems improved. I feel well most of the time except for when I eat the foods that I know I'm not supposed to eat. (which I do occasionally, but I know I won't feel well when I do.) If you want to make these changes so you can reach your goals and FINALLY feel better, but are unsure where to start or how to implement those changes, I have designed a program to do just that! It is a group program so you will have me and others participating in the program there for support and accountability. I’m proud to be sharing with you my Get Your Body Back 8 Week Challenge, which is an 8 week, 3 phase transformational program geared to help you create and maintain a life of optimal health and wellness. Are you ready to experience these kinds of results in your own life? Join me now for just $297 – that’s a $294 savings from when you would purchase my 3 programs individually! [Click here to read more about the program.] And, if you sign up by October 9th, you will save an additional $50 with discount code GYBBEB!! Looking forward to supporting you in making long-lasting changes to your health & happiness!

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