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How to shed 5 pounds in one week

My parents came to visit Saturday-Tuesday, and we had a great time! And, this week my friend's sister will be visiting Thursday-Sunday, which will also be so much fun! It's always so nice when people come visit! The only downfall is that I end up going out to eat a lot more than usual, and, although I love going out to eat, when I go out that much, I usually end up putting on a few pounds. Not to mention that I'm not eating as clean as I usually do so I usually don't feel my best. So, guess what? After my friend's sister leaves, I will be doing my 14 Day Sugar Detox! Does anyone want to do it with me? You can click here to read more about it What about you? Have you ever tried a cleanse/detox before? I know the term sounds scary, and you're probably thinking that you'll be starving for the entire 14 days (P.S. I also offer a 7 day cleanse for those who don't want to do the full 14 days.), or that you'll only be eating salads, or drinking juice. Or, maybe you're even thinking that you'll be drinking some weird concoction of maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Not on my detox! My Sugar Detox is based on whole foods, and also based on the elimination diet, and is designed so you can discover if you have any food intolerances that may be making it difficult for you to lose weight or not feel your best. Why would you even want to follow a detox? Well, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you been struggling to lose weight even if you are following a healthy diet and working out, but the scale isn't budging, and may even be going in the opposite direction?

  • Do you find yourself waking up at 3am, unable to fall back asleep until right before your alarm goes off, and then you snooze it until the last possible minute (after you convince yourself that you can skip your workout just for today, you can skip washing your hair today since you washed it yesterday, and if you speed all the way, you can still make it on time to work)?

  • Do you have a difficult time staying awake at your desk, especially in the afternoon, even after drinking tons of coffee?

  • Do you crave sugar, carbs, or coffee?

  • Do you ingest any of the following on a weekly basis - alcohol, soda, sugar, processed foods, fast food, non-organic meats?​

  • Do you just feel icky?

Did any of the above sound like you? If you did, there is a good chance that you may have some built up toxins in your body that need to be cleaned out, so it may be a good time to do a detox. Don't worry though. You are not alone. Most people are carrying around 5-10 pounds of toxicity (inflammation) at any given time. Now ask yourself this: How good would it feel to:

  • ​Lose weight naturally and quickly (3-5 pounds in 1 week!)?

  • ​Look younger and feel lighter?

  • ​Reduce your toxic load (and feel better than you have in a long time)?

  • ​Get rid of your belly bloat?

  • Crank up your metabolism?

  • Increase your energy?

  • Finally fit back into your skinny jeans?

  • Sleep soundly through the night?

  • Not crash in the middle of the afternoon?

These are just some of the results you can expect following one of my detox programs! It is recommended for everyone to detox each season as each season has a different focus. My detoxes are based on clean, whole foods that are currently in season. In the spring, we focus on bringing a feeling of renewal, new life, and expansive energy, as the winter is a time for conserving energy and turning inward. In Chinese medicine, in which each organ is associated with a season, the spring is about the liver and the gallbladder. The liver and gallbladder work in harmony to support a strong immune system, balanced moods, and healthy digestion. The liver is responsible for filtering and neutralizing harmful substances in your body. It has 500 metabolic jobs, making it a very important organ to detox, which it cannot perform optimally when overburdened with toxins. If you sign up for one of my detoxes AND my 6 Week Get Your Body Back program, you will save $50! Click here for more info on my programs! Also if you are interested in a FREE Discovery Session, you can click here, or, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me here.

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