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Other Services

I offer the following services also for anyone who doesn't feel that then need coaching and isn't interested in a program: If you are interested in any of these services, please contact me by email or by clicking here.


All services are billed by the hour at a reduced rate depending on how long they take.


Personal Grocery Shopping  ** $75/hour

It's hard to fit certain things in when you work full time, have kids, or when you just want to relax on your day off.  I'm sure going to the grocery store is one of the last things that you want to do. I can help you with that! I will go to the grocery store for you! I just need your list and a way to pay for the groceries. I've been reading food labels and ingredients for so many years, so I can be pretty efficient at getting the best quality ingredients for you and your family.This service is provided on an as needed basis arranged between the client and me.  


Pantry Makeover **  $100/hour (2 hour time limit)

In order to start your healthy lifestyle, it is important to get rid of those snacks, treats, and sugary drinks that may be tempting you. I will help you go through you pantry, refrigerator, and freezer to get rid of any of those items.


Healthy Shopping Tour ** $100/hour (1 1/2 hour time limit)

This is recommended as a follow up to the Pantry Makeover.  Are you trying to change your eating habits, but feeling a little lost when you go to the grocery store about which foods are actually healthy? I will show you which foods to stay away from and which foods are nutritious choices for the entire family.


Dine with a Nutritionist ** $100/hour (1 1/2 hour time limit)

Do you like to go out to eat, but don't want to compromise your health goals by making the wrong choices?  I'd love to help!  Meet me at your favorite restaurant to learn how to make better choices when eating out. I will also teach you how to ask the right questions, make modifications based on your needs/goals, and other tips and tricks so you can still enjoy going out to eat.


Healthy Cooking Lesson** $100/hour (2 hour time limit)

Starting a healthy lifestyle can be difficult if you're not really sure how to cook. I will come to your home and give you a lesson. It can be a new recipe, or, if you are looking to learn how to make a recipe healthier, I can also help with that.




** ONLY available for San Diego clients

Pantry Makeover
Healthy Shopping Tour
Healthy Cooking Lesson
Personal Grocery Shopping
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