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January 3, 2018

Happy New Year!  I hope you had a great New Year's!  I didn't even make it until midnight, lol. I'm so jet lagged.  The jet lag has been really bad for me going both ways.  I haven't been able to stay up till a normal time, and I wake up super early.  I woke up at 1am...

December 27, 2017

I hope you are having a great week, and if you celebrate Christmas, I hope it was great!  Mine was really good.  I spent it in Germany with my brother, his family, and my parents.  I'm having a great first trip to Europe.  I've been to Switzerland (and went sledding do...

December 20, 2017

I hope you are having a great week and are ready for the holidays!  I am leaving for Europe tomorrow!  It will be so nice to get away and spend some time with my family.  

I know this is a busy time of year, so today I just wanted to share a recipe with y...

December 13, 2017

I hope you are having a great week.  I've been busy trying to get things done before I leave for Europe next week.  I leave a week from tomorrow!  Since I've been so busy, I've also been taking some much needed time to relax at night and watch Christmas movies, which I...

December 6, 2017

I hope you are having a great week so far and that you are ready for this last month of 2017.  This year really flew by, and it's already time for the holidays and New Year's.  I love Christmas, but haven't been into it for the last couple years, but am really excited...

November 29, 2017

 I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!  I didn't go out for sushi as I had planned because we couldn't find any sushi restaurants that were open, so I ended up getting lobster tail, which I was happy with!

We've all been there before - feeling guilty after eating to...

November 22, 2017

I hope you are doing well and have something fun planned for Thanksgiving.  I am doing something non-traditional this year and going out for sushi and then to some bars after that.  I usually celebrate with all of my neighbors, but I wanted to do something different th...

November 15, 2017

Happy Wednesday!  I am finally starting to feel awake after going to San Francisco last weekend.  My flight to come home was at 6:45am on Sunday, meaning that we had to get up at 4:30am, so I did not get much sleep while I was there, but I had so much fun and we packed...

November 8, 2017

Happy Wednesday!  I hope you are doing well!  I'm looking forward to this weekend because I'm going to San Francisco!  I've never been there before, so I'm really excited about it.  I'll just be there for a short time, but I was able to get free flights with airline po...

November 1, 2017

Now that Halloween is over, most people probably have tons of Halloween candy around the house.  I don't get a lot of trick-or-treaters and I knew I wouldn't be home, so I didn't buy any candy to hand out this year.  I did buy some for myself a couple days ago though,...

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