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5 Days to Ditch the Sugar Challenge
Are you sick of your addiction to sugar stopping you from getting the body you want

Watch your cravings almost disappear in just 5 days without having to give up all sugar!

Sugar is highly addictive in the same way that alcohol and cocaine are, which makes it VERY DIFFICULT to stop. That and imbalanced blood sugars are some of the main reasons people struggle to lose weight.


Is sugar keeping you from reaching your weight loss goals?

Do you want to jump start your weight loss in the next 5 days and make some simple changes that will lead to long lasting results? This challenge is for you if you want to:

  • finally put an end to your sugar addiction so you can feel good, have energy throughout the day, clear the fogginess, and shrink your waistline.

  • learn REAL strategies of how to decrease your sugar consumption without feeling deprived.

  • get off the weight loss roller coaster so you can lose the weight for real this time.

  • love the way your clothes fit and the way you look in the mirror. 

Hi!  I'm Kelly!

I work with women who have struggled with their weight for years and are finally ready to stop yo-yo dieting and make lifestyle changes to lose the weight and feel good about themselves. I am a Dietetic Technician, Registered (DTR), Board Certified Health Coach, and Holistic Nutritionist.  Even though I do eat healthy, I'm going to share a secret with you...I have a huge sugar addiction!  I love all sweets - candy, cookies, ice cream, chocolate, etc., but I don't feel well when I eat them and it causes me to gain weight, but that doesn't mean that I completely deprive myself of sweets.  I use some simple strategies to enjoy sweets without having it get out of control or causing me to gain weight...the very same strategies that I'm going to share with you in the 5 Days to Ditch the Sugar Challenge!

So if you want to learn...

  • strategies that actually work to break your sugar addiction

  • what the best sugar substitutes are so you can still enjoy sweets with out messing up your diet

  • how to avoid sugar cravings and what to do if you have a sugar craving

  • what to eat to avoid sugar cravings and feel satisfied

  • how to apply what you learned to real life because I know it's unrealistic to completely avoid sugar in the real world

  • and more

...sign up for the 5 days to ditch the sugar challenge...all for FREE!

*Did I mention that you will also get a 5 day meal plan so you can learn some simple recipes while you are learning to get over your sugar addiction?

Pile of Donuts

The challenge runs from May 16-May 20. Last day to sign up is Friday, May 13.

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